Two years have passed since this edition of the first volume of the Tempel ov Blood journal False Prophet was first published, and just recently a new, fifth edition has been published by the ever so diligent Martinet Press. But an edition in this context is essentially synonymous to an issue, so I will now provide a review of the previous edition, also sold by Martinet Press but in fact published by Angleton Imprints.

The volume is de facto 59 pages of nine (9) essays or if you insists MSS and each will be reviewed and summarised below in the order they appear. Whole pages of illustrations have been interspersed in-between and even intra-manuscripturally, but will not be discussed in this review out of laziness.

Black Deeds of a Satanist is written by Jall and reminds us that what it calls black deeds are indispensable to the Sevenfold Way as presented to us by the Order of Nine Angles and latter-day nexions. One is not a true Satanist unless one conducts black deeds, applies Satanic practices and prevails likewise ordeals. A real Satanist acts on behalf of the Sinister Dialectic in defiance of the Magian ethos whether Abrahamic religiosity or Progressive politics.

This is not a safe approach to Satanism, as true Satanism is dangerous Satanism and this way of life has been promoted by the ONA since the very start four decades ago. Anyone with some familiarity with the ONA cannot proclaim adherence to its teachings without awareness of its demand that one takes risks and break moral limits, not to mention physical self-overcoming and transgression of decorum and law.

If one stubbornly does such nonetheless, one is not part of our breed and hence Kindred Honour does not apply. Why would it? LARPing ONA or only half-hartedly living by it is to insult the ONA and its every individual adherent who have invested blood and sweat into it. Lots of people out there like to vociferously proclaim their enthusiasm for the Order of Nine Angles and the Sevenfold Way, but how many of these actually do any concrete evil out in the real world, affecting people and society? How many of these guys have the balls to really do what they have intimidated to be their destiny as Francis Parker Yockey defines the word (as distinct from mere fate)? How many will conduct a proper insight rôle worthy of the name? How many will perform a Grade Ritual? A culling? Not to mention the physical challenges, who will meet their standards – and how many would dare to even hope to exceed them?

Only the few who do and do so alone armed with their cunning alone and by their own effort and Satanic self-overcoming shall become glorious, magnificent Noctulians and, the Dark Gods willing, dark gods of their own. The rest will find excuses not to anything risky here and now in this world with their own life at risk, for after all the Aeonic aims of the ONA are in terms of centuries, no need to fret about changing the world so hastily. This is so because they don’t really want to be part of our kindred, they merely want to bathe in the swagger of our transgressiveness, that they will impress others and gain validation by them.

But the ONA has for four decades been all about real change, real action, right now. And the oral tradition of the ONA has advocated the same thing for millenia. A Satanist must perform actions that take him to edge of human experience and then beyond even that. Only that transmute our human nature into a new species – the Noctulian, a living, breathing Satan made flesh.

Hosts of Hell by B. Toller provides us with a concise bestiary of selected acausal entities that manifest themselves in the causal world at different times in different parts of the world when doors and windows to the Acausal are generated on their own.

The Gentry is a mass noun for the Fairies (but don’t call them that), a quasi-human race living in the Otherworld of the Celtic peoples. One is advised to speak of the Gentry in polite terms lest one offends them. To this day Celts offers food and drink to the Gentry at Samhain, nowadays more known as Halloween. It is believed not doing this will bring ill-fortune. The Gentry can both curse you and bless you if they so choose. Especially after dark is the Gentry believed to be dangerous, to this day it is believed lonely travelers in solitude places risk being kidnapped or worse by them. In a feudal manner, the Gentry is believed to be divided into clans or tribes. Supposedly they replace human babies with one of theirs to be raised in the human world. The latter is is called a changeling, a bringer of bad luck to the family or the village it is raised in.

The Sluagh are just like the Gentry, except universally malevolent and very dangerous. Believed to be dead pagans from a dark place in the Acausal, only witches and wizards with magick skills stand a chance against the Sluagh. Avoid unclean places in order to avoid them.

The Rakshasha are demons popular in contempory India and the rest of South Asia, archeologically their origins can be traced to the earliest of Vedic literature from thousands of years ago. Their name means ”beast-head” and fittingly they are humanoids with beastly heads, living in this human realm but hiding themselves through magical means, prone to infiltrate monasteries and temples. They can marry with humans and procreate scary hybrids. Sinister intuition, such as that of the Rounwytha, or particular skills in deceit and manipulation is believed to indicate a past life as a Rakshasha. They are very powerful and pregnant with wisdom, but also sadistic and their main targets are the sick and weak.

The Draugr are creature orginating in Norse paganism, the dead criminals, thugs and witches returning as undead. Despite not being quite alive, their corpses lack decay and have retained their intelligence. But in addition they now also have a bad temper and dislike their former friends and relatives bitterly. To make it worse, they have been enhanced with inhuman physical strength and wreak havoc in their former home and the surrounding area. Active at night, they would appear to hibernate of sorts when the sun is up and that is when they are more vulnerable. In all likelihod one of the major inspirations behind the modern concept of the vampire, the Draugr don’t merely drink blood, but in fact freshly killed raw meat from whatever poor bastard that got in their way. Draugr can be created either by a necromancer or a by someone who kills someone in fiendish way, such as burying one’s enemy in ice and snow or so we are told.

The Ghul are Djinn who feed on living and dead human flesh. They live in remote caves and urban graveyards and are the inspiration behind the European Ghoul who does the same but on dead people buried in cemeteries. Like the Rakshasha above they can hide their monstrous nature and marry humans to beget monster babies with, but unlike the Rakshasha they aren’t very smart. Unusually among scary fantastic beings, the Ghul are social and congregate together in places and abodes. It is almost impossible to drive out the Ghul from a haunted house exactly because such haunted houses are inhabited by so many of them. Their true form is that of a Medieval European ogre in the sense of looking rough physically and having a horrific face. Fittingly they are famous for their brute strength. Sacrifice an animal in their honour and offer the blood and raw meat to them and the Ghul will leave you alone.

School of the Americas: Brotherhood of the Bayonet is arguably the most important text in this edition, as it is an interview with a Temple of Blood veteran member who joined the military as what he calls a vampyric experience, and it is also a spledid example of an insight rôle. Two curiosities of the interviewee is that

  1. He seems unimpressed with Chloe Ortega and her nexion the White Star Acception. I must confess I haven’t spent much time reading much of Chloe’s stuff on the Internet, but I have repeatedly been called by others as ”the Kurdish Chloe” and it found endearing as I assumed that she and her nexion were legit.

  1. He implies that the Chaos Gnostics suck balls and that he was annoyed at Europe being steeped in socialist and liberal faggotry which somehow unables its inhabitants to ”understand the sinister energies inhererent in America” (page 16). I’m sorry but what does that have anything to do with anything? I’m myself born and raised in Sweden, the birthplace of Chaos Gnosticism and whatever the flaws of its teachings, the people I’ve met who adhere to them are far from limp-wristed. In fact the main reason people get into Chaos Gnosticism is because they read about two or so cases of rockstars killing gays because of their occult religion and found that awesome. I’m pretty sure Socialists and Liberals would read about these things and flinch and have barely anything in common at all with Swedes and other Europeans following the ways of the Temple of the Black Light (which, I might add, was founded by an Iranian) or the 218 current in general. By the same logic, TOB couldn’t possibly exist because America is steeped in political correctness and identity politics. Let us also not forget that Sweden is where the far-right in Europe has been the most organized and most growing since the 1990s; the Alt Right would barely be around today were it not for Arktos, an online bookstore deeply connected to the Swedish Nordic Reich Party, Motpol.nu and the fledgling Right On. But sure, standards of living is certainly better here than in White America, I will give him that.

All of this being said, the interview is still a golden gem exactly because it gives advice on what to do before joining the military and what you can make out of it and what paths are the most optimal for an aspiring Noctulian-in-the-making. It is even brought up that certain elite training camps are pregnant with Sinister forces that can be felt by our kind and so strongly.

What is also delightful is the interviewees unapologetic American patriotism with Sinister characteristics: ”If your weren’t born and raised in a rural area of America your just not going to get it. There is a very sinister energy in this land we spread it to other countries with our military, our intelligence agencies and our offshore torture facilities.” (page 23). He is also spot-on that contemporary anti-Americanism is not only a pseudo-radical stance but also betrays a jealousy of not having the same testicular fortitude as the United States does. More importantly, for the one at least paying lip service to evil and the Sinister, siding with America should be no-brainer; everybody in the world knows of the CIA and the FBI, and most countries in the world are more terrified and horrified of the Star-Spangled Banner than the the Swastika or the Hammer and Sickle.


Even more delightful is his delightful defense of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, arguing that these have essentially hardened almost every unit of the American military whose soldiers have all undegone some kind of experience of war and they are now looking for jobs in the FBI, the CIA, Law Enforcement and PMCs. Just like Fascism and National Socialism sprung out of the experiences of the war veterans of the Great War of 1914, these wars have whether they realize it or not radicalized the American veterans and that will influence both the domestic and foreign policy of the United States over the years to come.

Chorazin is a story in the form of a letter – if not truly a letter. It begins with a passage or paraphrase of a passage in Ibn Hisham’s revised biography on Muhammad the False Prophet (see what I did there?). To my disappointment I could not find this passage when looking for it in Alfred Guillaume’s translation of it, but as can be seen in this review I’m not really very good at the academic stuff.

We are informed on the get-go that this letter was sent because something terrible has happened to its writer, thus whatever we read from now on, we are constantly reminded that these guys either are missing or maybe even dead. This doesn’t make the story less intriguing as hell and definitely worth a read. Three men and three women are an American nexion who have decided to visit Chorazin, an Arab city in Israel, together in order to make a Sinister ritual. Having actively participated in anti-Zionist activities in Sweden, this did make me flinch but ultimately the morality or lack thereof of Israel or ISIS beside the point, and in any case a rabbi suffers greatly later in story so it’s forgiven teehee. Overall the story is short but superb, it’s Project Megiddo written all over it!

Kindred Honour in Context by Jall clarifies what the true meaning and implications of Kindred Honour are and particularly that it is not a protection from criticism and outright scolding and berating from truly practicing Niners for one’s lack of taking risks and tendency to keep oneself self from harm and danger. I also notice an indirect criticism of those who project into German National Socialism the foundation of the Sevenfold Way, when in actual fact it and contemporary Neo-Nazism and White Nationalism and White Supremacism are merely vessels and useful outer forms for our Way, are so primarily because they are heretical and blasphemous in relation to the ruling status quo, which are Magian and hostile to anything honourable, heroic and noble – namely anything that is Hyperborean.

That being said, I still hate niggers and kikes.


As if the interview with him earlier wasn’t enough, Ranger School the Satanic Experience and the subsequent Part II gives a detailed account of W. Hacon’s further climbing of up the military hierarchy with extreme military education that the Ranger School provided and the esoteric Sinister experiences that went on unbeknownst to the rest his class, most likely all of them just a bunch of mundanes anyway. Very admiring and very inspiring; admittedly it makes my own insight rôle feel like chicken-shit, but not everybody can be Jack Churchill or in my case Audrey Hepburn.

Jall’s Satanism in Action advises us not to delve too much on reflection and introspection when dealing with the Sevenfold Way, as that and superfluous nerding-out on its teachings is a waste of time and far too often an excuse not to do real and dangerous actions in real life to develop as a person. This is not to say that introspection has no place in this way, but there will be so much of that you can knock yourself out on it during the Grade Ritual for Internal Adeptship. So let us all heed Anton Long and get off our asses and make Satan proud, yo.

Notes on Atazhot essentially says Atazoth is a Dark God whose name is of pre-Islamic Arabian origin and that Islam is largely a lame version of Atazoth worship. And other cool stuff but buy this damn journal already and read the rest for yourself.

Overall a splendid read and as always definitely worth the money. Now buy this item and make dearest Martinet happy.